When you think of customer service it can mean many things to many people.  I recent experience at a vacation rental left us being quite underwhelmed.

Although the 2bed/1 bath had most of what you would need in a rental and the pictures appeared to make it look pretty decent I should have paid closer attention to the reviews.  On this property the reviews were just okay.  I’ve learned with timeshare to NOT believe everything you read as there are often times people can be very hard to please .  Well, in this case I should have listened more.  Our rental needed a deep clean as one reviewer said.  The hood fan above the stove didn’t work, the icemaker didn’t work, the toilet was leaking, the sheets wouldn’t stay on the bed and the coffee maker broke down, oh and the pool needed to be vacuumed and someone left the hose in and it overflowed one of the days we were there.

I advised the owner and although he showed up with a replacement coffee maker relatively quickly the rest of our complaints were not addressed. We left stating we would never rent from that person again.

I, as a business owner try to, at the very least, give our clients a timeframe on what we can do to fix their problem whether it’s a service call or to or a warranty.  My idea of customer service is to be available and to address complaints in a timely fashion.  This is my commitment to my customers.