Many people do not realize how filtration affects their hot tub water.

The filter is such a necessary component to clarity of water in a hot tub.  You need to firstly ensure your hot tub is clean.  Cleaning the oils from your filter is absolutely necessary for clarity of water.  Soak your filter in our Dazzle Filter Cleanse and then make sure you rinse it thoroughly.  It’s always best to allow the filter to dry completely prior to reinserting into the hot tub therefore having a spare filter allowing you to alternate them between cleans is optimal.

Most of the newer model hot tubs also have a programmable filtration cycle.  Essentially you can program how long and what time your hot tub filters.  Hot Tubs typically arrive from the factory with the filters operating twice in a 24 hr period and run for approximately 2 hours.  If you find you use your hot tub multiple times a week and have a few others who use it as well, you may want to increase your cycles to aid in clearer water.  Also I would recommend you check the time that your hot tub filters as you can program it to run during mid and off peak hydro hours.  This will aid in saving you $$$ over the year.

Finally filters last 1-2 years and then should be replaced entirely.  Don’t cheap out on one of the most important factors in clarity of water.  Replace your filters at that minimum every two years and make sure you development a scheule to rinse them regularly and soak and clean them at least every fresh fill.

Enjoy your purchase.  Owning a hot tub is so enjoyable and gives you such a great place to connect with your family and to relax.  It also aids considerable in helping your sleep as well as provides therapy to those sore or injured muscles.