Why is the temperature of my hot tub hotter than what I have it set at?  It’s called ‘Thermal Creep’

In our Maax Hot Tubs we insulate our tubs so well that when it warmer outside the temperature inside the tub can creep up.


Overheating Hot Tubs During the Summer Months

With warmer summer temperatures upon us the overheating calls start to come in. Overheating calls only seem to start during summer months and falls off once the cooler temperatures come back. I have some tips and tricks I would like to share with you.

Your Maax spa is manufactured with energy-efficient components and systems that capture heat generated by the equipment, then transfer that heat back to the spa water. In warmer weather or in situations with extended run times, “Thermal Creep” may occur. Each year, consumers complain that their spa water gets hotter than the set temperature once the outside temperature gets warm.  This condition is commonly referred to as “Thermal Creep” because it is characterized by a gradual increase in the spa’s water temperature even when the heater is not energized.  The real culprit is the spa’s insulation, not its heater or electronic controls.  While the efficiency of our spas’ insulation is a real energy saver during the cooler months, it also requires that the spa owner follow some simple guidelines if their spa water exceeds the set temperature during the warmer times of the year.

Thermal Creep is a condition whereby the actual water temperature is higher than the set temperature. To manage “Thermal Creep” you may:

– If the Hot Tub is in direct sun be sure to shade the equipment side of the spa as best you can.

– Leave the air controls in the open position when the spa is not in use.

– Vent your cover. Newer covers have removable center seal padding. To remove this padding, open the Velcro on one side of the vinyl pouch and slide the white padding out.

–      If your spa does not have removable center seal padding, you may instead place a folded cloth about ¾” (2cm) thick under all four corners of the cover before you lock it down. Opening the cover at night will also quickly cool the water down if desired.

Cut back filter cycles to one hour each during the summer months.

Remove Some of the Insulation to help release internal heat and allow cooler air to flow around the equipment area. Reinstall Insulation in the fall months.

The above are some ways to ensure that the temperature you like to hot tub in is perfect every time.

Enjoy the fact that you purchased a Maax hot tub that is so efficient this happens.  Very easy to fix and in the winter months you will be thanking us for keeping your operational costs to a minimum.