ObstructionPlanning to close your own pool this season.  Here is a check list of what you need to do:

For In Ground Pools

Balance water prior to closing up the pool.   Have your water tested by using our mobile service or bring in a sample.  

Purchase our Dazzle Filter Cleanse product and let it sit overnight.  Backwash in the AM.  This will ensure the sand is in good shape for your opening.  After back washing add your pool closing kit.  Let your pump run for a full day to allow the product to saturate into the water. 

Check to ensure your winter cover, water bags and/or safety cover are in good shape.  Make sure you locate the plugs for your returns as well as your gizzmo for the skimmer. Some people also like to use some pool antifreeze.  This is entirely up to you.  If you don’t use antifreeze use some foam rope to absorb any excess moisture.

You will need some tools such as a good shop vacuum to blow the lines or a compressor if you have one.  

For your sand filter remove the filter drain plug and leave off. Put drain plug along with any other o-rings etc in the pump basket for safe keeping until the spring.  

Disconnect your pump and filter.  Make sure that pump is totally drained of any water.  Remove any drain plugs from the pump and place in pump basket. 

If you have a heater, remove the drain plug and put in pump basket.  Blow inlet/outlet with shop vac.  

Unscrew any quick disconnect fittings or unions at your pump and filter system to avoid water sitting there. 

Remove all return jet fittings and place in pump basket. 

Blow out all return lines using the shop vac or compressor through the pump.    Keep the air blowing until the air bubbles start to become visible from the return jets in the pool.   Put a plug into the fitting under the water when you see the bubbles.

Blow out all skimmer (suction side) pipes.  If you are using antifreeze you can now apply some after the line(s) Install your Gizzmo or plug.  Remember threaded areas that screw in need some tephlon tape!   

Blow out main drain line (if any) until you see bubbles. Plug the pipe on the pool side end.

For any exposed openings in the lines place some duct tape over them to avoid anything (mouse, etc.) from getting into them.  

Remove ladders, diving board etc.  Put loose dive bolts, ladder bumpers etc into the pump basket.

Good luck!  You are done!  Enjoy your winter and let’s chat in the Spring about opening your pool!