Wanting to have a place to cool off and relax in the summer months?  Or all year round? Looking for a place to exercise, invite friends over to enjoy a swim?

There are multiple choices in pools today.   We specialize in the Canadian made Dolphin fiberglass pool as we believe that having a pool that is worry free and trouble free is essential to your peace of mind.  My grandfather use to say “It only costs 10% more to go first class”.  I live by this.  Yes, sometimes you can justify not spending the extra but when it comes to long term investment, you don’t want to compromise for a few dollars.  Get the pool that will last you a lifetime and not cost you money down the road in repairs and maintenace such as repairing wrinkled liners or worse yet replacement of your liner multiple times, or fixing cement bases, acid washing etc.  Investing a little bit more initially will save you lots of money down the road.

The other option and one that works for many people is purchasing a swimspa.  Swimspas allow you to swim year round, exercise year round, soak those tired, sore muscles, get better sleeps by heating up your inner core and are a place for familes to connect.  We have swimspas that have two completely separate operating systems or swimspas that allow you to swim at one end against the current while soaking at the other end and relaxing.

It’s not a ‘one size fits all’.  I suggest you do a pro/con list to determine which pool/swimspa is the right one for you.  We are here to provide professional advice and to get you into some amazing crystal clear water when you are ready.