When it comes to pools there are some options to consider:

  • What product do I want my pool made from:  fiberglass, vinyl, cement
  • What is my budget
  • Is this my forever home
  • What pool will give me the best finish, durability and ambience
  • Heating, lighting, salt, automation
  • Stone Coping to provide a cantilevered look and give the pool a sleek design
  • Spray Foam around the perimeter of the pool to retain heat
  • Decking options (plain concrete, stamped concrete, interlock)

These are just a few items to consider.  We are here to help you with the design, the planning, project coordination along with expertise in equipment and options available.

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs Inc. we don’t pressure sell you.  We believe in our product and our service and we want you to be confident that you have chosen the right company to get the job done!


Give us a call today.  Planning early is the key to success and to ensure you get on our installation schedule