My grandfather use to say “it only costs 10% more to go first class”.

I think of this often when I am in the market to make a major purchase. Maax Steel Frame

Maax Hot Tubs not only make a quality hot tub, they make one that is right up there at the top of the manufacturers list.

Do you want a hot tub that performs as good as it looks. With the Maax Hot Tubs you can rest assured you have not sacrificed quality over looks.

What to look for when pur581 couplechasing:   Model 470 Spec's

Insulation (easily removed, mildew and rodent resistant) Our tubs you get the same R value after replacing the BlueMaax Insulation
Large nozzle on jets
Ergonomic seating (deep foot wells and arm chair style seating)
Quiet (our tubs have had decibel testing)
Filtration ( first and second filters)
Filter cycles (can be programmed however you like)
M7 technology (no external sensors)
56 frame pumps

You asked us to make a perfect tub and we did!

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