Looking to save some dollars on energy costs this summer.  Have you considered switching your old pump for a new updated variable speed pump.

Pool pumps use to only come with 1 speed.  For example a 1HP pump would run around 3450 RPM’s.  Today with the new variable speed pumps you can run them anywhere from 600rpm to 3450 rpm adn anywhere in between for a basic model pump.  You can program the pump to run at 800rpm in the morning and switch to 1800rpm mid day and then when you use the pool you can ramp this up to 3450rpm to remove the bather waste left behind.  Many pumps have various features that allow you to program a quick clean etc.

As far as energy is concerned you will save the cost of the pump over 2-3 years and then beyond that you will continue to save $$$ in energy costs.

Variable speed pumps have built in timers which you can program to fit your lifestyle and peek energy cost times.

It just makes sense to purchase these new VSP on a new pool and when you are switching out an old pump.